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Who's firing it up November 7th?  Here's the list of boaters who have registered for the 2015 Green Race and their tentative start order.  The final start order is subject to race organizer John Grace's judgement.

Not on the list but intend to race?  First pay your $20 bib fee online [Note: this link isn't live yet! Come back later to register] then follow the link you will be given back to this website to register.  Registration closes at 5pm EDT Thursday, November 5th.

The bib fee covers the cost of your bib; you get to keep it this year.

See any mistakes?  Email Chris Bell before 5pm EDT Thursday, November 5th.

Waiver signing and bib pickup will be from 9am-10am at the put-in parking lot.  You will not receive your bib until you sign a paper copy of the Green River Narrows Race Waiver.  The shuttle will run from 8:30-10am from Fishtop.  Don't wait until 10 to show up -- you might not make it onto the last shuttle to the top and you won't arrive in time to pick up your bib!  The competitor's meeting is at 10:30am in the put-in parking lot;  the first seed launches at High Noon.

Planning to hike in to watch the race?  Here's a link to directions by car and foot from Interstate 26 to Gorilla.

Note:  Starting in 2007 the Long Boat / Short Boat cut-off has been 9'0", not 8'6"!

2015 Green Race Competitor List and Tentative Start Order
Start Name Age Class(es) Boat 2014 Time in Class All Time Best