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Click on a park and play spot's name for a brief description, links to more complete descriptions, links to current weather reports, links and information on water levels (especially online sources), links to photos, the season(s) it is most often played, and directions from Asheville (including the distance in minutes from downtown Asheville driving at the speed limit under normal traffic conditions);  click on a park and play spot's distance to go to a route map).  Click on a park and play spot's level to go directly to its online gauge (or proxy, if one exists).  An asterisk next to a level's link indicates that the link is to a proxy gauge and that alternative online gauges are available and discussed on the park and play spot's page of this website.

Note:  the levels listed below are estimates occasionally based on time-honored rules of thumb, often based on a limited number of observations, and sometimes based on pure speculation.  Help improve the quality of this information:  help create virtual gauges, dial in existing gauges, and win valuable prizes!  Learn how here:  The River Gauges Project.

Park and Play Spot

Level Character Distance Season
Alexander Wave 1800 - ? Wave 15 minutes All
Big Rock 650 - 900 Hole 60 minutes Sm, F
Cowbell 500 - 4000 Mysterious 50 minutes Sp, Sm, F
Devil's Dip   Wave / Hole 70 minutes  
Half James 1800 - 5000 Wave / Hole 50 minutes W, Sp
Hell Hole 900 - 2400 Wave, Hole 160 minutes Apr-Oct
Ledges 1000 - ? Holes, Pourover 12 minutes All
NOC Wave   Wave 75 minutes All
Moshpit - 5000 Hole 120 minutes All
Smiley Hole   Hole 150 minutes Apr-Oct
Powerhouse Bridge Wave Two Units 360 Wave 60 minutes All
Rock Island 2400 - 3600   210 minutes All


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